About the Council

The Council on Podiatric Medical Education is an autonomous accrediting agency for podiatric medical education. Deriving its authority from the House of Delegates of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the council is empowered to develop and adopt standards and policies as necessary for the implementation of all aspects of its accreditation, approval, and recognition purview. The council has final authority for:

  • The accreditation of colleges of podiatric medicine, the approval of fellowships and residency programs, and sponsors of continuing education.
  • The recognition of specialty certifying boards for podiatric medical practice.

The council is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the US Secretary of Education as the accrediting agency for first professional degree programs in podiatric medicine. Unqualified recognitions by these organizations have recently been extended for the maximum periods available.

The council also holds membership in the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA), agreeing with and abiding by the ASPA Code of Good Practice which embraces the following seven values:

  1. Pursues its mission, goals, and objectives, and conducts its operations in a trustworthy manner.
  2. Maximizes service, productivity, and effectiveness in the accreditation relationship.
  3. Respects and protects institutional autonomy.
  4. Maintains a broad perspective as the basis for wise decision making.
  5. Focuses accreditation reviews on the development of knowledge and competence.
  6. Exhibits integrity and professionalism in the conduct of its operations.
  7. Has mechanisms to ensure that expertise and experience in the application of its standards, procedures, and values are present in members of visiting teams, commissions, and staff.

(Taken from the ASPA Member Code of Good Practice, adopted March 21, 1995.)

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