About the Listening Session

The Council on Podiatric Medical Education’s (CPME) Specialty Board Recognition Committee (SBRC) ad hoc committee is currently in the process of revising CPME publications 220, Criteria and Guidelines for Recognition of a Specialty Board for Podiatric Medical Practice, and CPME 230, Procedures for Recognition of a Specialty Board for Podiatric Medical Practice. A listening session was held on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, from 7:00–9:00 p.m. ET to specifically gather additional insight on three main topics:
1. Requirements for initial or continued recognition of boards in podiatry
2. Requirements for maintenance of certification/requirements for board certification of podiatrists
3. Requirements for subspecialty/focused area of practice recognition
The listening session was moderated by the SBRC ad hoc committee chair, Kieran Mahan, DPM. Attendees were required to register in advance and notify the CPME Executive Director if they wished to speak on the three topics listed. In total, 156 individuals attended the event and 14 provided verbal comments for the committee’s consideration. Many others provided written comments that will be shared with the ad hoc committee.

Written comments are always welcome outside of any open comment period and any comments specific to the three topics listed above are appreciated by September 15, 2023. Comments can be sent directly to the CPME Executive Director, Heather Stagliano at

Resources to Review the Revisions

The SBRC ad hoc committee is still in the process of creating Draft 1 of CPME 220 and CPME 230. More information on this process is available here