Submission of the Application

Providers seeking initial approval must follow the procedures stated in this section. The Council encourages potential providers to contact Council staff early in the developmental stages of the program of continuing education should questions arise related to the Council’s standards, requirements, and procedures for approval.

The Council and Continuing Education Committee (CEC) expect the potential provider’s director of continuing education is the individual responsible for submission of the application and communication with council staff related to the application and approval processes.

An institution, organization, or individual seeking initial approval must complete and submit CPME form 715, Application for Approval of Provider of Continuing Education in Podiatric Medicine, accompanied by specified supplementary information and the application fee, to the Council office. The supplementary documentation requirements are outlined on the application form. A provider may apply for approval based on joint providership (including activities and/or instructional media developed by the joint providers). 

Council staff reviews the application to determine the completeness of information submitted. The provider is informed whether the application appears to be complete. If the application is considered to be incomplete, the director of continuing education is notified in a timely manner with the request to submit the required information. If the application, supplementary documentation, and processing fee are in order, the prospective provider’s application is placed on the agenda of the next CEC meeting.

Complete applications will be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee. The entire review process for a provider requesting approval may require a period of 4–6 months from the time an application is received by Council staff until an approval action is taken.

All applications must be reviewed by CEC. The Council does not accept applications directly from potential providers. CEC and the Council will not consider incomplete applications.

Approval of a provider of continuing education is effective on the date on which the Council takes the approval action.

Withdrawal or Termination of the Application

A provider submitting an application for approval may withdraw its application at any time before the Council takes an action on the application.

If the provider fails to respond in writing within six months to written requests from Council staff and/or CEC for information to complete the application, the application will be terminated by staff. Council staff will correspond with the director of continuing education and the provider’s chief administrative officer to inform them the application has been terminated. The provider may submit a new application, supplemental material, and application fee after the application has been terminated.

Review by the Committee and Council

Following the review of a prospective provider’s application, CEC has the following recommendation options: (1) approve the provider, with or without a request for additional information, (2) withhold approval, or (3) table the decision and request additional information.

CEC and the Council reserve the right to conduct an on-site evaluation of any continuing education activity or to schedule a reverse site visit with the provider bearing full responsibility for expenses involved. CEC and the Council also reserve the right to survey participants or to collect supportive data through any reasonable means considered necessary to facilitate an approval action. The provider may request, at its own expense, an appearance before CEC to submit additional information about its application and/or continuing education activities. CEC and the Council reserve the right to reject applications from and to deny approval as a provider to applicants that promote or provider clinical coursework or learning experiences that do not have a sound scientific basis, proven efficacy, or ensure public safety.

An applicant should be aware it may be difficult to demonstrate the ability to comply with standards and requirements until after at least one continuing education activity has been completed. If the provider wishes to proceed with the application process during its first activity, CEC and the Council will honor the provider’s request. To complete the process of committee review and Council approval, the provider must submit documentation of subsequent evaluation of the activity and its use in planning future activities before the Council will consider the approval status of the provider.