CPME 820 and 830 Revisions in Progress

On a regularly scheduled basis, the Council on Podiatric Medical Education reviews and, when appropriate, revises the requirements and procedures associated with various evaluation activities. The Council has initiated a review of publications related to fellowship evaluation and approval: 

  • CPME 820, Standards and Requirements for Approval of Podiatric Fellowships
  • CPME 830, Procedures for Approval of Podiatric Fellowships

The Council and its Ad Hoc Committee will be guided by the following principles in revising the fellowship documents:  

  • Leadership. The Council will provide thoughtful leadership in formulating issues related to the standards and procedures revision process; developing needed tools and strategies to sustain the value of quality document revision that will lead to advancing podiatric postgraduate education.
  • Best Practices. The Council will look to and formulate its process in keeping with recognized best practices of other accrediting/approval agencies.
  • Inclusion. The Council will sustain an environment of active consultation with the larger podiatric medical education community and participating organizations, as well as encourage cooperation and information exchange throughout the podiatric education community.
  • Independence. The Council will be an autonomous and informed voice for strengthening the standards for approval of podiatric fellowship program. 

Fellowship Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

The Council has appointed an ad hoc advisory committee comprised of representatives of the community of interest related to postdoctoral podiatric medical education. The Ad Hoc Advisory Committee members broadly represent the communities of interest related to fellowship education and have been selected with the belief that they will provide thoughtful analysis and insight into the needed evolution of fellowship training, in coordination with the goals and the interests of the profession.

The Council has appointed the following individuals to the Committee: 

Timothy Ford, DPM (Chair), Louisville, KY – Associate professor and clinical faculty, University of Louisville; fellowship director, Reconstructive Foot and Diabetic Limb Salvage/Preservation - University of Louisville Hospital; residency director, University of Louisville Hospital; fellowship/residency evaluator; college evaluator; college appeals committee member; former CPME member, vice-chair, and chair; former RRC member and chair; former CREC member

D. Scot Malay, DPM, Philadelphia – Director of Podiatric Research, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center; fellowship director

Jeffrey M. Manway, DPM, Monroeville, PA – Clinical instructor, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; fellowship director, UPMC Medical Education – Lower Extremity Limb Salvage/Trauma; residency director, UPMC Medical Education

Rosemay Michel, DPM, Fayetteville, NC – RRC member; fellowship/residency evaluator

Michael E. Munson, DPM, Ann Arbor, MI – Clinical assistant professor in Internal Medicine - Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Diabetes, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor; fellowship director, University of Michigan Health System – Limb Preservation

Mark E. Solomon, DPM, Basking Ridge, NJ – Fellowship committee member, ACFAS Fellowship Committee; fellowship director, Pediatric Foot & Ankle Fellowship (ACFAS recognized); fellowship/residency evaluator; private practitioner

Jacob Wynes, DPM, Baltimore, MD – Assistant professor, Department of Orthopedics, University of Maryland School of Medicine; fellowship director, University of Maryland Limb Preservation and Deformity Correction Fellowship (ACFAS-recognized)


The committee conducted virtual meetings on:

  • January 11, 2022
  • April 28, 2022
  • August 30, 2022

 No future meetings are currently scheduled.