New Residencies Eligible for On-Site Evaluation

The Residency Review Committee (RRC) considers the application for provisional approval by mail ballot, conference call, or at one of its semi-annual meetings. The RRC will consider a complete application within 60 calendar days of its receipt. 

The RRC reviews the application to determine whether the new residency is eligible for on-site evaluation. In determining eligibility, the RRC will not consider a number of resident positions other than that for which the institution has applied. The RRC has the prerogative of taking no action on the application in order to request further information from the sponsoring institution and/or to discuss the application during a subsequent conference call or upcoming regularly-scheduled meeting.

When the RRC determines that a new residency is eligible for on-site evaluation, this status indicates that the institution appears to be developing a residency that has the potential for meeting the standards and requirements for approval by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. Neither eligibility for on-site evaluation nor the conduct of an initial on-site evaluation ensures eventual approval. 

Correspondence regarding the RRC action is addressed to the program director. A copy of the letter is forwarded to the chief administrative officer of the sponsoring institution. If eligibility for on-site evaluation is confirmed, the letter includes a copy of CPME 312, Agenda Guide for Programs Eligible for On-Site Evaluation, to assist the director in planning for the initial on-site evaluation. 

If the RRC proposes denial of eligibility for on-site evaluation, justification for the action is delineated in the letter and provisions for requesting procedural reconsideration, reconsideration, and appeal are identified (see Procedural Reconsideration, Reconsideration, and Appeal) on pages 18–20 in CPME 330, Procedures for Approval of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residencies. If the RRC proposes denial of eligibility for on-site evaluation, the institution is required to verify to the council, in writing, that all program applicants selected for interview and/or incoming residents have been notified of this approval status (applicants must be notified in writing prior to the interview) (see Resident Notification of Action) on page 18 in CPME 330.

Recently Approved Programs:

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Orlando VA Medical Center

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