Call for Comment CPME 120 and CPME 130

CPME College Documents CPME 120 and CPME 130 Revisions

October 31, 2022


Interim Review of CPME 120 and CPME 130: Three years following a comprehensive review of the college accreditation documents, CPME 120 Standards and Requirements for Accrediting Colleges of Podiatric Medicine and CPME 130 Procedures for Accrediting Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, the Accreditation Committee conducts an interim review of the documents. The Accreditation Committee worked on the interim review throughout summer 2022 and forwarded their proposed revisions to the Council on Podiatric Medical Education for their approval at the October 2022 meeting. The Council approved the revisions and determined the documents will be forwarded to the community of interest for a comment period of three months. At the Accreditation Committee and Council’s April 2023 meetings all survey results and comments will be reviewed. A determination by the Council will be made at that time if the documents are ready for adoption or if they should be sent back to the Accreditation Committee for continued revisions.

Documents with proposed revisions


The Council is seeking the broadest possible input. You are encouraged to forward this message as you see appropriate. Please provide comments to Council by completing this survey or by sending an email to The call for comment period ends on February 1, 2023.