Milestones Pilot Project

At the April 2023 CPME meeting, the Council on Podiatric Medical Education voted to begin working on a Milestones Pilot Project. Led by experts in competency-based education, the Milestones Pilot Project Committee is responsible for creating a supplemental guide and training materials for podiatric milestones. Once this material has been created and approved by the Council, these resources will be posted on for optional use by residency programs. CPME will also begin a voluntary pilot program on the use of these Milestones in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency programs.
The members of the Milestones Pilot Project Committee are:
Tiffany Murano, MD (Chair)
Keith Cook, DPM
Neil Kothari, MD
J.T. Marcoux, DPM
Aksone Nouvong, DPM
Steven Vyce, DPM (ex-officio)
The Committee held several virtual meetings in the fall of 2023 and met in-person in December 2023. The Committee continued to work on adapting the language of the podiatric milestones and creating sufficient examples so that the milestones are easily understandable by program directors, clinical competency committees, and residents.
The Committee will hold several videoconferences in spring 2024 to continue working on the supplemental guide.  
Once the Committee completes its work and the Council approves the revised milestones and supplemental guide, CPME will determine an appropriate timeline to enroll residency programs in the voluntary pilot program, train program directors, and begin the Milestones Pilot Project.