2018 Residency Ad Hoc

Have you ever wondered why and when the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) reviews its publications? Or who is selected to review the documents? The Bylaws of the Council mandate that publications produced by the Council are to be reviewed by an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee six years following the adoption of revisions resulting from the previous Ad Hoc Advisory Committee review.

The documents related to residency education—CPME 320, Standards and Requirements for Approval of Residencies in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residencies and CPME 330, Procedures for Approval of Residencies in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery—were adopted in 2011; therefore, at its October 2017 meeting, the Council appointed the next Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, which will convene for its first meeting on October 19, 2018. 

As part of the document review process, we wish to obtain the opinions of the podiatric community of interest regarding crucial elements of residency programs. We request your assistance in providing information that is important to this project. The following survey is designed to provide some baseline information for consideration by the committee:

The Residency Ad Hoc Committee

The Council and its ad hoc committee will be guided by the following principles in revising the residency documents: 

  • Leadership. The Council will provide thoughtful leadership in formulating issues related to the standards and procedures revision process; developing needed tools and strategies to sustain the value of quality document revision that will lead to advancing podiatric postgraduate education.
  • Accreditation Best Practices. The Council will look to and formulate its process in keeping with recognized best practices of other accrediting agencies.
  • Inclusion. The Council will sustain an environment of active consultation with the larger podiatric medical education community and participating organizations, as well as encourage cooperation and information exchange throughout the podiatric education community.
  • Independence. The Council will be an autonomous and informed voice for strengthening the standards for approval of podiatric residency programs. 

The Ad Hoc Advisory Committee members broadly represent the communities of interest related to residency education and have been selected with the belief that they will provide thoughtful analysis and insight into the needed evolution of residency training, in coordination with the goals and the interests of the profession.

The following individuals have accepted appointment to the Committee: 

Keith Cook, DPM (Chair); Newark, NJ – CPME member; member of the Residency Review Committee (RRC); residency director; residency evaluator

Scott Hughes, DPM (liaison for the APMA Board of Trustees); Monroe, MI – private practitioner

Charles Lombardi, DPM (representing the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery [ABFAS]); Bayside, NY – former CPME member; former RRC chair; former ABFAS president; residency evaluator; residency director

Danae Lowell, DPM (representing program directors and evaluators); Cleveland – residency director of a VA-sponsored residency program; residency evaluator

Harry Schneider, DPM (representing program directors); Reading, MA – residency director; residency evaluator

Ronald Soave, DPM; Holmdel, NJ (ex-officio) – CPME member; RRC chair; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Chair, Department of Podiatric Surgery at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine; former residency director; residency evaluator

David Millward, DPM (representing the Young Physicians); Grain Valley, MO – residency director

James Stavosky, DPM (representing the American Board of Podiatric Medicine [ABPM]); Dale City, CA – former ABPM president; adjunct professor at the California School of Podiatric Medicine and Western University; former residency director; residency evaluator

Michael Trepal, DPM (CPME Chair); New York – vice president of Academic Affairs and Dean, New York College of Podiatric Medicine; former Accreditation Committee chair; residency director

Steven Vyce, DPM (representing the Council of Teaching Hospitals); New Haven, CT – residency director