Call for Comments - Spring 2018 Residency On-Site Visits

The Council provides opportunity for individuals or organizations to submit written comments concerning an institution’s qualifications for provisional or continued approval. The Council publishes notices in APMA News and on its website regarding its plans to conduct either a focused evaluation or a comprehensive evaluation of an institution that seeks provisional approval or continuation of approval. The notice indicates the deadline for receipt of third-party comments.

New Procedure Logging Guide

The Residency Review Committee has revised the Guide to Proper Logging of Surgical Procedures, with changes effective July 1, 2018. The surgical portion of the Guide resulted from an ongoing collaborative review by the Committee and the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. The updated Guide includes new sections related to Category 6, Other Podiatric Procedures, Category 7 – Biomechanical Examinations, and Category 8 – History and Physical Examinations.

Provisionally-Approved and On-Site Eligible Programs

Provisionally Approved: This status indicates a residency has completed an initial on-site evaluation and has been approved to accept residents. 

Eligible: This status indicates the institution appears to be developing a residency that has the potential for meeting the standards and requirements for approval by CPME. These programs may not accept residents until provisional approval has been granted.

Become an Approved Provider of Continuing Education

The primary purpose of approval is to promote and ensure high-quality education and continuous improvement in educational programs. Approval also ensures the quality of continuing education programs to the public, the podiatric medical profession, and the state boards for examination and licensure.


DOE Recognition - The Council on Podiatric Medical Education completed its regularly scheduled review by the US Department of Education (DOE). The Council submitted its petition for continued recognition in June 2016 describing compliance with DOE's Criteria for Recognition. On February 23, Drs. Michael Trepal, CPME vice chair and Kieran Mahan, CPME Accreditation Committee chair, appeared before the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) to provide testimony and to answer any questions posed by the committee members. The committee voted unanimously to recommend to the US Secretary of Education that CPME recognition be continued for five years, the maximum allowed, with no progress report required. NACIQI members congratulated the Council on developing a "model accrediting agency" and praised CPME on its approach to student achievement and the transparency of the profession related to student outcomes.

Self-Study - On a periodic basis, the Council conducts a self-study process to review its mission, goals, purpose, and objectives. The Council's most recent self-study occurred during a full-day session in April 2017. In preparation for the self-study, Council staff collected information from the Council's community of interest concerning the effectiveness of the agency.

Continued Accreditation
Midwestern University Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine
Glendale, AZ




March 9-10, 2018
Residency Review Committee
APMA Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

March 16, 2018
Collaborative Residency Evaluator Committee
JW Marriott, Washington, DC

April 26-28, 2018
Accreditation Committee
Executive Committee
Council on Podiatric Medical Education
APMA Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

June 16, 2018
Joint Committee on the Recognition of Specialty Boards
APMA Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

July 10-11, 2018
Collaborative Residency Evaluator Committee
Residency Evaluator Workshop
Washington, DC

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