Call for Comments - Spring 2019 Residency On-Site Visits

The Council provides opportunity for individuals or organizations to submit written comments concerning an institution’s qualifications for provisional or continued approval. The Council publishes notices in APMA News and on its website regarding its plans to conduct either a focused evaluation or a comprehensive evaluation of an institution that seeks provisional approval or continuation of approval. The notice indicates the deadline for receipt of third-party comments.

Proper Logging Guide

The Residency Review Committee has revised the Guide to Proper Logging of Surgical Procedures, with changes effective July 1, 2018. The surgical portion of the Guide resulted from an ongoing collaborative review by the Committee and the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. The updated Guide includes new sections related to Category 6, Other Podiatric Procedures, Category 7 – Biomechanical Examinations, and Category 8 – History and Physical Examinations.

Residency Verification Request Form

The Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) is the primary source for podiatric residency verifications. CPME records date back to when residencies were first approved in the mid-1960s and fellowships were first approved in 2000. CPME provides formal letters of verification as opposed to filling out forms. 

To request verification of a podiatrist’s completion of a CPME-approved residency and/or CPME-approved fellowship, complete the form found here. 


Continuing Education Provider Workshop

CPME presented a workshop for continuing education providers on Friday, March 15, during the APMA 2019 House of Delegates. This new workshop not only provided participants a better understanding of CPME continuing education documents but also, and perhaps more importantly, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters and discuss issues as a group.

The workshop will be offered again at the 2019 Meeting Planner Summit in August.


Accreditation Actions

Approval Actions - Continuing Education Committee

Approval Actions - Residency Review Committee

At-Large Member Positions Open on the Council
The Council on Podiatric Medical Education’s Nominating Committee is seeking applications for four at-large and two public CPME positions. CPME will hold a closed ballot election to fill the position at its October 2019 meeting. The position is for a three-year term renewable up to three consecutive terms.

Bylaw changes were adopted at the April 2019 meeting of the Council on Podiatric Medical Education.




July 13, 2019
Residency Evaluator Workshop
Salt Lake City, UT

September 14, 2019
Continuing Education Committee
APMA Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

September 20-21, 2019
Residency Review Committee
APMA Headquarters, Bethesda, MD

October 16-19, 2019
Accreditation Committee
Executive Committee
Council on Podiatric Medical Education
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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