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Continuing Education

The Council on Podiatric Medical Education holds the position that continuous study is the fundamental and lifelong responsibility of doctors of podiatric medicine. Technological advances through research, new patterns of health-care delivery, and development of clinical procedures have accentuated the need for podiatric physicians to remain aware of professional developments through active participation in continuing education. Moreover, all state boards for examination and licensure require podiatric physicians to participate in continuing education in order to maintain professional licensure.

The Council approves providers of continuing education that demonstrate and maintain compliance with established standards and requirements. Approval is based on programmatic evaluation and periodic review by the Council and its Continuing Education Committee.

The primary purpose of approval is to promote and ensure high-quality education and continuous improvement in educational programs. Approval also ensures the quality of continuing education programs to the public, the podiatric medical profession, and the state boards for examination and licensure.

The Council recognizes that providers seeking approval do so on a voluntary basis. The Council encourages state licensing boards, state associations, and other groups that have continuing education requirements to recognize the providers to which it has extended approval.