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Residency Documents and Forms

Approval Documents

The newly approved documents have an implementation date of July 1, 2023.

Residents who started training prior to the 2023-2024 academic year must meet all MAVs as outlined in the CPME 320 that was in effect at the start of their residency program. 

Approved Program Forms and Documents


Because residency programs are resource-based, CPME does not provide samples of documents that vary greatly depending on institutional resources such as resident contracts, residency manuals, rotation competencies, and affiliation agreements. 

The revised CPME 370, Evaluation Team Report, includes charts for each requirement in CPME 320 and can be used as a guide for programs to create their own documents and to assess document compliance with CPME standards and requirements.

Training and Implementation Resources

Logging Guide

Biomechanical Exams

While the suggested biomechanical form is not required, these templates are provided as a resource. Regardless of the forms used, all documented biomechanical exams must include diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

Other Resources

  • Program Director Communication (To be Updated in March)

Residency Application Documents and Forms

The review process for a residency requesting approval requires a period of 12–18 months from the time an application is received in the Council office until the Council takes an approval action. This timeline may not always coordinate with the dates for the national residency application and matching service.

Other Residency Documents

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