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On-Site Evaluation of Approved Residency Programs

Council staff regularly reviews the list of approved programs and contacts the appropriate program directors when re-evaluation is due (see Categories of Approval and Approval Period in CPME 330, Procedures for Approval of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residencies). For reasons of economic feasibility, Council staff gives consideration to the geographic proximity of institutions when developing the list of institutions to be evaluated during each evaluation cycle.

The Council may elect to deviate from the established on-site evaluation cycle by conducting either a comprehensive or focused visit to follow up on identified concerns. Circumstances that may warrant scheduling a follow-up visit include: when a program has been transferred to another institution; when a residency has undergone a substantial change; when major deterioration in a residency has occurred; and when a formal complaint against an approved residency required an on-site evaluation of the issues related to the complaint. In any event, the Council reserves the right to conduct an evaluation of the residency whenever circumstances require such a review. Continuation of approval by the Council is contingent upon the findings of the on-site evaluation. Therefore, the re-evaluation may have an impact on the previously-granted approval status.