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Draft 1 of CPME 220 and 230 Revisions

Draft 1 of CPME 220 and 230 Revisions

CPME 209a – Specialty Board Eligibility Requirements
CPME 220 with edits SBRC ad hoc DRAFT 1
CPME 230 with edits SBRC ad hoc DRAFT 1
Summary of Substantive Changes CPME 220 and 230
CPME 209c SubSpecialty Cert Proposal April 2024
CPME 220 with track changes ACCEPTED DRAFT 1
CPME 230 with track changes ACCEPTED DRAFT 1

May 15, 2024


In March 2021, the APMA House of Delegates approved a resolution moving the Joint Committee on the Recognition of Specialty Boards (JCRSB) to become a standing committee of the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. Subsequently, CPME adopted Bylaw amendments at its October 2021 and April 2022 meetings in order to comply with the APMA action. The Bylaw revisions included moving the JCRSB to a standing committee of the Council and restructuring the JCRSB representation.

To reflect that the JCRSB is now a standing committee of the Council, CPME changed the name of the JCRSB to the Specialty Board Recognition Committee (SBRC). Further, as part of this process, the underlying JCRSB/SBRC documents (CPME 220, Criteria and Guidelines for Recognition of a Specialty Board for Podiatric Medical Practice, and CPME 230, Procedures for Recognition of a Specialty Board for Podiatric Medical Practice) must be updated to reflect the new CPME/SBRC Bylaw revisions.

The review of these documents was led by an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, which began their review in fall 2022. This committee met 13 times over the course of a year and a half. The ad hoc committee submitted Draft I of CPME 220 and 230 along with an accompanying SBRC Eligibility Requirements Application and Initial Recognition Application (CPME 209a and 209b) and a SubSpecialty Certification Proposal (CPME 209c) to the Council on Podiatric Medical Education in April 2024. CPME approved Draft 1 of CPME 220, 230, and 209a-c at a special meeting held on May 13, 2024 and determined that the revised documents will be disseminated to the community of interest for a period of 60 days.

To submit comment, you are welcome to complete this survey and you may also submit written comments to [email protected].

Next steps: The CPME will review the survey responses and comments from the community of interest at their October 2024 meeting to determine if the documents are ready for adoption.

You are encouraged to forward this message as you see appropriate. The Council is seeking the broadest possible input. Please send your comments by July 15, 2024, to [email protected].

SBRC Ad Hoc Committee

The Council has appointed the following members:

Kieran Mahan, DPM (chair); Professor Emeritus, Department of Podiatric Surgery, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Kathy Kreiter (ABFAS representative); ABFAS CEO/Executive Director, San Francisco, CA

Gina Painter, DPM (ABPM representative); ABPM Interim Executive Director and Medical Director of the Montana VA Billings Health Care Center, Billings, MT

Lawrence Ramunno, MD, MPH, MBA (health-care representative); Chief Clinical Officer Friend Health, Chicago, IL

James Sang, DPM (double-boarded practitioner); Associate Section Chief of Podiatry, VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, MA

Kara Schmitt, PhD (psychometrician member); Consultant, Reading, MA

Harry Schneider, DPM (representing CPME); Program Director, Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, MA

Melanie Violand, DPM (representing CPME); Associate Dean, Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine, Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ

James Christina, DPM (ex-officio member); Executive Director and CEO of APMA, Bethesda, MD

Keith Cook, DPM (ex-officio member); Director, Podiatry Department, University Hospital, Newark, NJ

Alyssa Stephenson, DPM (ex-officio member); Podiatrist, Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ